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Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications Presentation

17 September 2011 - JavaScript, Programming - James Brown - Comments Off on Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications Presentation

I gave a presentation at NCDevCon 2011 on “Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications”. If you missed the presentation, they have posted the presentation online! You can view it anytime but it does require Microsoft Silverlight: View Online

Though the slides are in the video, if you don’t have Silverlight installed, I’m including the slides in a PDF. Also, the presentation description is:

In this session we are going to explore different techniques and methods to speed up your mobile and desktop web applications and websites. Consumers and end-users have come to expect pages to load quickly and be responsive. Research shows that our brains can perceive time around 100 millisecond intervals and those intervals can add up if you have bottlenecks in your page load times or the responsiveness of the pages is poor once they are loaded. We are going to look at techniques you will be able to implement immediately to speed up both the actual and perceived experience of your site. This session will cover both server and client-side technologies. We will explore desktop and mobile use-cases and demonstrate various tools you can use today. This session will utilize ColdFusion and Backbone.js but concepts will apply to all web applications.

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