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Speaking at Front End Conference

26 March 2012 - Uncategorized - James Brown - Comments Off on Speaking at Front End Conference

I was just confirmed as a speaker on Day 2 of the Front End Design Conference. If you haven’t attended this conference previously, it is one of the best conferences in the industry. Day 1 is at the Palladium Theater and is a great venue! Day 2’s location hasn’t been announce but if it’s anything […]

Exploring Backbone.Mutators Plugin

24 March 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - Comments Off on Exploring Backbone.Mutators Plugin

I recently came across a Backbone.js plugin called Backbone.Mutators. It’s an awesome but simple design pattern to utilize in your applications and the minified library is pretty small. By including this library in your application, you can adhere to a standard method of retrieving properties out of Backbone models. For instructions or examples on how […]