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Arduino Yún Unboxing

18 September 2013 - Arduino - James Brown - Comments Off on Arduino Yún Unboxing

I was fortunate enough to receive my Arduino Yún earlier this week!  It really seems like a great board, at a great price.  To have Arduino, Linux, Wifi, Ethernet and SD storage all on the same device, is convenient!  Below are photos from the unboxing of the Yún:

The package, straight from Europe.  Not a lot of fanfare, but that’s okay:


There were three things inside the packaging, the Arduino Yún, the invoice and a ‘HACKED’ sticker:


Close up of the box:


And the back of the box:


More box photos:



Inside the box is the Arduino Yún, a little booklet and the normal Arduino stickers:


I wish I had taken a better photo, but the Arduino Yún has each pin labeled on the side of the pin, instead of on the board.  It is much more clear which pin is which:


The board has more LEDs than the Uno and still has an LED on pin 13:


On this photo, you can see the Yún reset button (bottom left of this photo/board) and also the external Wifi connector (bottom right):


Ethernet, USB/charger port and the USB port.  Very nice to have on-board.  They are slightly hidden,but this side of the board has the WLAN reset and 32U4 reset buttons:


Detail photo of the back of the board:


Entire back of the board:


Another detail photo of the back:


The bottom of the board has the micro SD card.  Also nice to have built in:


I’m very excited to get started using the new board, especially since it has Linux on-board.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and look for more Arduino posts here in the near future.

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