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WordCamp Tampa – 30 Things You Must Do Before Launch by Drew Barton

4 October 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 2 Comments

Drew BartonDrew Barton

  1. Have a checklist
  2. Limit your admin users – Give them Editor access instead
  3. Give editor access to menus – Install Editor Theme Options
  4. No default permalinks
  5. Remove “Hello World!” content from the blog
  6. Unblock search engines
  7. Install YOAST for SEO
  8. Unique Title tags for each page
  9. Install video user manuals for WordPress
  10. Remove test links – Turn off your dev server
  11. Install Google Tag Manager
  12. Setup Google Analytics – Add user accounts for client – Setup automatic monthly reporting
  13. Setup Google Webmaster Tools – Check for 404 Errors
  14. Create 301 Redirects if rebuilding a site
  15. Style your 404 page – Give the users something to do so they aren’t at a dead end
  16. ???
  17. Check for JavaScript Errors in Console
  18. Test for responsiveness
  19. Consistent fonts & styles
  20. Page Load Limit – Use Pingdom Website Speed Test or
  21. Set plugin number limit
  22. Confirm email addresses exists – send a test email
  23. Confirm contact form works
  24. Create form success pages – Tell them what is going to happen next – Put conversion tracking on the page
  25. Obfuscate email addresses
  26. Setup Google Webmaster Tools – Ensure you link it to the Google Analytics account
  27. Submit XML Sitemap
  28. Create backups – “Jesus saves.  Buddha does incremental backups”. – Setup backups outside your web host – Even physically mail a copy of the website to the client
  29. Check for gremlins – text artifacts – copy/paste issue from MS Word
  30. Remove development plugins – WordPress Move – WP Migrate DB Pro – etc
  31. Install caching

Make sure you deliver that “last mile” to the client.

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