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WordCamp Tampa – Child themes and functionality plugins by Dave Clements

4 October 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 1 Comment

  • For parent theme CSS, it isn’t included but you should enqueue the style in function.php
  • Template hierarchy
    • Goes from most specific to least specific
    • Hierarchy is important
    • To make changes to layouts, copy the file from the parent theme into your child theme
    • Make more specific layouts by using the next less-specific layout
  • Override existing functionality using child functions.php
  • Child functions.php loaded first
  • What makes a plugin a plugin
    • Only one php file required (main plugin file)
    • Folder name and main plugin file name
    • Top comment header block defines Plugin name, uri, etc
    • Main plugin file – functionality-plugin.php
      • Acts as table of contents
    • Use ep_enqueue_style and ep_enqueue_script to load CSS and JS respectively

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