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Arduino Yun or Uno Blink LED

24 March 2014 - Arduino - James Brown - Comments Off on Arduino Yun or Uno Blink LED

The below tutorial is an introduction to using the Arduino to perform one of the most basic of tasks, blinking an LED. This tutorial assumes that you already have the Arduino IDE software installed and know how to upload a sketch to the Arduino. If you have not yet setup the software yet, please see […]

Arduino Yún Unboxing

18 September 2013 - Arduino - James Brown - Comments Off on Arduino Yún Unboxing

I was fortunate enough to receive my Arduino Yún earlier this week!  It really seems like a great board, at a great price.  To have Arduino, Linux, Wifi, Ethernet and SD storage all on the same device, is convenient!  Below are photos from the unboxing of the Yún: The package, straight from Europe.  Not a lot of […]

Arduino Nano OS X Setup Issue – Serial Port Not Found

30 August 2013 - Arduino - James Brown - 1 Comment

Recently, I purchased a Arduino Nano to learn more about the Arduino boards and platform.  I tried hooking it up to my Mac running OS X 10.6.8 but the serial port wasn’t showing up in the Arduino IDE.  After some research, I determined that I needed to install the FTDI drivers to the computer could […]