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Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications Presentation

17 September 2011 - JavaScript, Programming - James Brown - No Comments

I gave a presentation at NCDevCon 2011 on “Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications”. If you missed the presentation, they have posted the presentation online! You can view it anytime but it does require Microsoft Silverlight: View Online Though the slides are in the video, if you don’t have Silverlight installed, I’m including […]

I’m speaking at NCDevCon 2011!

4 August 2011 - ColdFusion, JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

I am very honored to have been selected to speak at NCDevCon 2011! The event is September 17-18th, 2011. If you’d like to come hear me (or these other great speakers ) be sure not to miss this event. My topic is “Building lightning fast mobile & desktop web applications”. We’ll be exploring different techniques […]

spwa-backbone Update for Backbone.js and Underscore.js

1 May 2011 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Tonight, I updated the spwa-backbone library to work with the latest Underscore.js. If you’d like to learn how to use the library, you can view the Backbone.js spwa-backbone post. In the comments, “Jeremy” discovered a bug that caused the spwa-backbone to not work with the latest Underscore.js library. The latest Underscore.js library (version 1.1.6) caused […]

Using spwa-backbone To Build A Single Page Website Application

25 January 2011 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Today we’re going to look at building a single page website application using Backbone.js and spwa-backbone libraries. You can view the source code on Github.  You can also view the single page web application example in the /example/ folder.  For a more complete example, visit: Single Web Page Example What is an spwa? Specifically, an […]

Backbone.js + jQuery = Best OO Friends Example

18 January 2011 - JavaScript - James Brown - 1 Comment

Backbone.js + jQuery = Best OO Friends Example Today we are going to dive deep into OO JavaScript programming using Backbone.js and jQuery. This is going to be a detailed example. If you want to dive directly into the code, you can check out the repository on Github. Before we dive into the code, check […]

Detecting Java Browser Support Using jQuery

1 December 2010 - JavaScript, jQuery - James Brown - No Comments

Today we’re going to quickly look at detecting Java (not JavaScript) using jQuery. It is actually very simple using the jQuery Browser Plugin. Once you have the plugin loaded, it extends the $.browser object to give you the following: As you can see, we gain more than just Java detection, but Java detection is the […]

jQuery Dynamic Modal Window

1 November 2010 - JavaScript, jQuery - James Brown - No Comments

Ever needed to display a jQueryUI modal window but you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) edit the HTML on the page? I was developing a “third-party” JavaScript file where I didn’t have control over the HTML page that my library was being included on. However, I wanted to popup a modal window when there was […]

jQuery: $(“#elementID”) != document.getElementById(“elementId”)

27 February 2010 - JavaScript, jQuery - James Brown - No Comments

Just a quick reminder that in jQuery: $(“#elementID”) != document.getElementById(“elementId”) They are not the same thing. If you use $(“#elementID”) you will return an array. If you want the real DOM element you need to use: $(“#elementID”).get(0)

ColdFusion and jQuery – Using AJAX to Call a CFC and Return JSON

29 October 2009 - ColdFusion, JavaScript - James Brown - 2 Comments

I recently had a friend ask me about using jQuery to call a ColdFusion CFC via AJAX and return a value. It is actually quite easy and fun to do. It requires two files to be created. The two filenames I’m using for this example are: index.cfm and myCFC.cfc but you could easily use your […]

jQuery Document Ready Shortcut

26 October 2009 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Here’s a quick tip. Instead of writing: We can instead write: or even: Albeit, it isn’t a huge code reduction but it is a nice shortcut.