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Detecting Query Strings with Tuckey and Tomcat

28 August 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Ever need to setup a Tuckey urlrewrite rule to detect if a query string exists?  You can use the below snippet to append the query string and issue a permanent redirect. Note the difference in the ‘operator’ property of the ‘condition’ tag.   After implementing this into your ruleset, the following: /find/ becomes /search/ and […]

Testing Old Versions of Internet Explorer with Application Compatibility VPC Images

8 January 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Most developers hate doing this but Microsoft has made it slightly easier with Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images. They have created virtual machines running IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9 that you can download and run legally. You can download the images from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11575

Responsive Design Bookmarklets

18 July 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - 2 Comments

I recently came across two bookmarklets that let you view any webpage in multiple screen-sizes and simulate viewing on multiple devices, all inside your browser. The first I came across was a script by Victor Coulon.  He wrote Responsive Design Bookmarklet which places a toolbar at the top of the page.  The toolbar includes buttons that let […]

JavaScript Series – Patterns and Techniques of Modern Web Applications

17 July 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Tonight Aaron Greenlee and I gave a presentation titled “JavaScript Series – Patterns and Techniques of Modern Web Applications” for the Central Florida Web Developers User Group. There was a great turnout, both in-person and online and we appreciate the feedback and discussion from both. Below, you can find the actual presentation and a link […]

Obtain or Check Which jQuery Version

16 May 2012 - JavaScript, jQuery, Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

If you need to check which version of jQuery you are running (think Firebug or possibly), you can check the version using the following: or use the shortcut Also, if you are loading multiple versions of jQuery on your page and need to verify, you can also use the property:

Adventures in Mockjax

17 April 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

If you are developing web applications that utilize Ajax (and most do today) and are using jQuery and/or Backbone.js, you should be building with mock Ajax JSON responses. You can view the code on Github: https://github.com/ibjhb/mockjaxExample  or the examples: http://ibjhb.github.com/mockjaxExample/ Reasons to Mock Ajax Servers are slow / Rapid Iteration When developing against a local server, the […]

Exploring Backbone.Mutators Plugin

24 March 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

I recently came across a Backbone.js plugin called Backbone.Mutators. It’s an awesome but simple design pattern to utilize in your applications and the minified library is pretty small. By including this library in your application, you can adhere to a standard method of retrieving properties out of Backbone models. For instructions or examples on how […]

Backbone.js 0.9.0 Released

1 February 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Yesterday, Backbone.js 0.9.0 was released. If you’d like to know what changed, you can view the Changelog. NOTE: You must use Underscore.js > 1.3.1 with this Backbone.js update I just dropped the new library into my favorite video website and ran our client-side unit tests. It did not go well. It looks like there will […]

JavaScript QuickTip : Pass hashMap vs Argument List

1 December 2011 - JavaScript, Quick Tip - James Brown - 1 Comment

When passing arguments, a single hashMap is MUCH easier to deal with than a list of arguments.

Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications Presentation

17 September 2011 - JavaScript, Programming - James Brown - No Comments

I gave a presentation at NCDevCon 2011 on “Building Lightning Fast Mobile & Desktop Web Applications”. If you missed the presentation, they have posted the presentation online! You can view it anytime but it does require Microsoft Silverlight: View Online Though the slides are in the video, if you don’t have Silverlight installed, I’m including […]