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httpbin : HTTP Request and Response Service

17 October 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Have you ever needed to test a client you were writing but didn’t want to setup or program an HTTP server?  Ever worked with an Arduino Yún and wanted to make HTTP calls to a JSON service? Luckily, the nice people at Runcope run a service called httpbin.  When you visit the site, you’ll see a list […]

Quit Clearing Your Cache in Chrome

15 October 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

I almost wasn’t going to post this tip but I am frequently amazed at the number of developers that frequently open up the the Chrome settings and manually clear their cache. On top of being a slow process each time you want to refresh, you are destroying your cache from every other page you visit […]

Updated Blog Bootstrap

6 September 2013 - Code, Quick Tip - James Brown - 2 Comments

In preparation for new and exciting blog posts, I updated my Blog Bootstrap.  It includes a structure that lets me quickly create a demo, with the latest libraries, without getting hung up on getting setup. https://github.com/ibjhb/ja.mesbrown.com-Bootstrap This is a non-require.js version.  I probably will add a require.js version here in the future. What do you […]

Detecting Query Strings with Tuckey and Tomcat

28 August 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Ever need to setup a Tuckey urlrewrite rule to detect if a query string exists?  You can use the below snippet to append the query string and issue a permanent redirect. Note the difference in the ‘operator’ property of the ‘condition’ tag.   After implementing this into your ruleset, the following: /find/ becomes /search/ and […]

Testing Old Versions of Internet Explorer with Application Compatibility VPC Images

8 January 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Most developers hate doing this but Microsoft has made it slightly easier with Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images. They have created virtual machines running IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9 that you can download and run legally. You can download the images from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11575

Obtain or Check Which jQuery Version

16 May 2012 - JavaScript, jQuery, Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

If you need to check which version of jQuery you are running (think Firebug or possibly), you can check the version using the following: or use the shortcut Also, if you are loading multiple versions of jQuery on your page and need to verify, you can also use the property:

JavaScript QuickTip : Pass hashMap vs Argument List

1 December 2011 - JavaScript, Quick Tip - James Brown - 1 Comment

When passing arguments, a single hashMap is MUCH easier to deal with than a list of arguments.