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Obtain or Check Which jQuery Version

16 May 2012 - JavaScript, jQuery, Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

If you need to check which version of jQuery you are running (think Firebug or possibly), you can check the version using the following: or use the shortcut Also, if you are loading multiple versions of jQuery on your page and need to verify, you can also use the property:

Detecting Java Browser Support Using jQuery

1 December 2010 - JavaScript, jQuery - James Brown - No Comments

Today we’re going to quickly look at detecting Java (not JavaScript) using jQuery. It is actually very simple using the jQuery Browser Plugin. Once you have the plugin loaded, it extends the $.browser object to give you the following: As you can see, we gain more than just Java detection, but Java detection is the […]

jQuery Dynamic Modal Window

1 November 2010 - JavaScript, jQuery - James Brown - No Comments

Ever needed to display a jQueryUI modal window but you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) edit the HTML on the page? I was developing a “third-party” JavaScript file where I didn’t have control over the HTML page that my library was being included on. However, I wanted to popup a modal window when there was […]

jQuery: $(“#elementID”) != document.getElementById(“elementId”)

27 February 2010 - JavaScript, jQuery - James Brown - No Comments

Just a quick reminder that in jQuery: $(“#elementID”) != document.getElementById(“elementId”) They are not the same thing. If you use $(“#elementID”) you will return an array. If you want the real DOM element you need to use: $(“#elementID”).get(0)