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Current Desk Setup – Panoramic Photo

3 September 2013 - Uncategorized - James Brown - No Comments

Working largely at home, I love seeing how other people’s desk and offices look.  There are some great examples out there, like Mitch Haile’s office (one of the best).  I recently took a panoramic photo of my desk (whole office will come one day).  Let me know what you think (click for the full-size version): Have a […]

Arduino Nano OS X Setup Issue – Serial Port Not Found

30 August 2013 - Arduino - James Brown - No Comments

Recently, I purchased a Arduino Nano to learn more about the Arduino boards and platform.  I tried hooking it up to my Mac running OS X 10.6.8 but the serial port wasn’t showing up in the Arduino IDE.  After some research, I determined that I needed to install the FTDI drivers to the computer could […]

Detecting Query Strings with Tuckey and Tomcat

28 August 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Ever need to setup a Tuckey urlrewrite rule to detect if a query string exists?  You can use the below snippet to append the query string and issue a permanent redirect. Note the difference in the ‘operator’ property of the ‘condition’ tag.   After implementing this into your ruleset, the following: /find/ becomes /search/ and […]

ColdFusion 10 Update 11 Released

10 July 2013 - ColdFusion - James Brown - No Comments

Yesterday, Adobe released an update to ColdFusion 10 that fixes a large number of issues, including a security hotfix. To read about the fixes and get installation instructions, visit Adobe: There was also a security hotfix released for ColdFusion 9, available on Adobe’s security bulletin page: Be sure to test the update before […]

Testing Old Versions of Internet Explorer with Application Compatibility VPC Images

8 January 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Most developers hate doing this but Microsoft has made it slightly easier with Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images. They have created virtual machines running IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9 that you can download and run legally. You can download the images from Microsoft:

Accessing ColdBox Settings in Handlers Using Wirebox

21 August 2012 - ColdFusion - James Brown - No Comments

I saw a post on Twitter today: Augh. How do you access #coldbox settings in the Handler or Model? Googling not helping much. #coldfusion — RobG (@snarfblat) August 21, 2012 If you are using Wirebox, this is very easy. First, create your settings in Coldbox.cfc: Then, in your handler, inject the property using the cfproperty […]

Responsive Design Bookmarklets

18 July 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - 2 Comments

I recently came across two bookmarklets that let you view any webpage in multiple screen-sizes and simulate viewing on multiple devices, all inside your browser. The first I came across was a script by Victor Coulon.  He wrote Responsive Design Bookmarklet which places a toolbar at the top of the page.  The toolbar includes buttons that let […]

JavaScript Series – Patterns and Techniques of Modern Web Applications

17 July 2012 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Tonight Aaron Greenlee and I gave a presentation titled “JavaScript Series – Patterns and Techniques of Modern Web Applications” for the Central Florida Web Developers User Group. There was a great turnout, both in-person and online and we appreciate the feedback and discussion from both. Below, you can find the actual presentation and a link […]

Obtain or Check Which jQuery Version

16 May 2012 - JavaScript, jQuery, Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

If you need to check which version of jQuery you are running (think Firebug or possibly), you can check the version using the following: or use the shortcut Also, if you are loading multiple versions of jQuery on your page and need to verify, you can also use the property:

Adobe ColdFusion 10 Released – Videos

14 May 2012 - Uncategorized - James Brown - No Comments

Naturally, AdobeTV already has videos about the new features: ColdFusion 10 Features and Benefits ColdFusion 10 Deep-Dives for Developers   If you want to find out what’s new, watch this video: