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Front End Design Conference – Travis Miller – Remote. Commit. Push.

12 July 2014 - Conference - James Brown - No Comments Slides: Learning Better communication Better project and time management pitching and selling Creating content on my own (writing, photography, etc) Planning projects from scratch working smarter not harder Seclusion was essential Work smarter Grunt sass Google drive Rapid prototyping and iteration on UX docs collaboration linking documents Utilize comments to maintain constant communication when […]

Front End Design Conference – Rob Harr – Let’s Be Brutally Honest About Operations and Pricing for Web Agencies

12 July 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 1 Comment Operations: Figure out what you make and then spend less It is all about cash flow Best case scenario, you have 6 mo before going out of business Freedom is not free Being good with cash today will finance good business decisions tomorrow Business forecasting is difficult 3 kinds of pricing Fixed pricing […]

Front End Design Conference – Amanda Cheung – Styling Forms Semantically & Accessibly

12 July 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 1 Comment The web was naturally designed to be semantic Web Accessibility Visual: Blindness, poor eyesight, color blindness Motor: difficulty or inability to use hands Auditory: hearing impairment Cognitive: developmental and learning disabilities Example code: You can hide labels off the screen if you don’t want a user to see it but that will let the […]

Front End Design Conference – Erica Walker – Intersecting worlds of web and education: A foray into the Digital Frontier

12 July 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 1 Comment Most developers are “community” trained Strengths of Formal Education Dedicated time for class instructor creates curriculum face-to-face interaction accountability degree or certificate Strengths of Informal Education Self-paced Self-directed based on interests Available 24/7 Unlimited resource materials Low cost Weaknesses of Formal Must learn when class is scheduled No say in curriculum Can’t access resources any […]

Front End Design Conference – Noah Stokes – Boxes and Grids, Oh My.

11 July 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 1 Comment Best CV ever: The web was losing it’s soul to #rwd Palm is where innovation goes to die “The soul is the intangible details of a design” Why do our sites lack soul?? Why have today’s designers stopped dreaming? – “laziness amongst designers has never been more rife” – Elliot Jay Stocks Avoiding #RWD […]

Front End Design Conference – Kevin Mandeville – How to Build Kickass Emails

11 July 2014 - Conference - James Brown - 1 Comment Slides: Email “browser” wars are crazy Litmus tracked 550 MILLION email opens in June 2014 Apple 45%  – MS 21% – Google 19% 43% is mobile and 25 Desktop – 32 Webmail Email design is not web design Use <table> not <div> or GTFO (Get to fixing outlook) Every piece of content needs […]

Front End Design Conference – Elyse Holladay – I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

11 July 2014 - Uncategorized - James Brown - 1 Comment “The tigers don’t matter – There will always be tigers – Focus on the strawberries” Learning something new is incredibly difficult You know a lot of stuff you don’t know We are all bad programmers.  Even good programmers don’t think they are good. We are drowning in information, but this is normal. No […]

Front End Design Conference – Andi Graham – The Right Tool for the Job: Designing in the Browser for Agencies

11 July 2014 - Conference, Uncategorized - James Brown - 1 Comment “Style tiles” are a nice way to convey design to a client A Dao of Web Design – She loves designing in the browser Benefits of designing in the browser Eliminates redundant redundancy Keeps designs consistent vs using PSDs Allows the client to actually interact with the page and see how things behave Allows the […]

Front End Design Conference – Drew Barontini – Thinking Modular CSS

11 July 2014 - Uncategorized - James Brown - 1 Comment Slides: “Front-end development is a thing”  tl;dr Smaller parts Independently created Used in different systems Breaking your CSS down into smaller chunks will ultimately make it more maintainable Single responsibility principle Each class/module should have a single responsibility Use a comment block to explain the responsibility Stick to using classes.  Avoid using IDs. […]

Front End Design Conference – Rachel Smith – Animating the web in a post-Flash world

11 July 2014 - Conference, Uncategorized - James Brown - 1 Comment

Common methods for animating on the Web CSS Transitions and animations Canvas SVG WebGL Animating with CSS Pros Performance No need for JS Cons Little control Excellent for loaders UI Image manipulation Canvas Pros “painting” to single element bitmap manipulation Cons Not crawlable stateless, need JS to control/track movement, hit areas etc Excellent for Games […]