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Arduino Yun or Uno Blink LED

24 March 2014 - Arduino - James Brown - No Comments

The below tutorial is an introduction to using the Arduino to perform one of the most basic of tasks, blinking an LED. This tutorial assumes that you already have the Arduino IDE software installed and know how to upload a sketch to the Arduino. If you have not yet setup the software yet, please see […]

JavaScript is Literature is JavaScript

12 March 2014 - JavaScript - James Brown - No Comments

Last year at JSConfUS 2013, Angus Croll (@angustweets) gave a great presentation on JavaScript: Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Cycling with Google Glass

26 February 2014 - Google Glass - James Brown - No Comments

Last Saturday morning (02/22/2014), I rode with the St. Petersburg Bicycle Club and brought along my Google Glass. Below are images and videos straight out of the device. I didn’t edit or process them in any way. If you aren’t sure what Google Glass is, check out my previous article or Google Glass’s homepage.

Google Glass Unboxing

18 February 2014 - Google Glass - James Brown - No Comments

I was recently selected by Google to become one of their Glass Explorers. I almost missed the opportunity because they only give you seven days to respond to the invitation and I didn’t see the email till day five. I placed the order on a Friday and the package arrived on Monday. Below are photos […]

Great Videos on Adobe TV

21 January 2014 - Uncategorized - James Brown - No Comments

httpbin : HTTP Request and Response Service

17 October 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

Have you ever needed to test a client you were writing but didn’t want to setup or program an HTTP server?  Ever worked with an Arduino Yún and wanted to make HTTP calls to a JSON service? Luckily, the nice people at Runcope run a service called httpbin.  When you visit the site, you’ll see a list […]

Quit Clearing Your Cache in Chrome

15 October 2013 - Quick Tip - James Brown - No Comments

I almost wasn’t going to post this tip but I am frequently amazed at the number of developers that frequently open up the the Chrome settings and manually clear their cache. On top of being a slow process each time you want to refresh, you are destroying your cache from every other page you visit […]

Arduino Yún Unboxing

18 September 2013 - Arduino - James Brown - No Comments

I was fortunate enough to receive my Arduino Yún earlier this week!  It really seems like a great board, at a great price.  To have Arduino, Linux, Wifi, Ethernet and SD storage all on the same device, is convenient!  Below are photos from the unboxing of the Yún: The package, straight from Europe.  Not a lot of […]

Updated Blog Bootstrap

6 September 2013 - Code, Quick Tip - James Brown - 2 Comments

In preparation for new and exciting blog posts, I updated my Blog Bootstrap.  It includes a structure that lets me quickly create a demo, with the latest libraries, without getting hung up on getting setup. This is a non-require.js version.  I probably will add a require.js version here in the future. What do you […]

Infographic: What You Didn’t Know About CFML

4 September 2013 - ColdFusion - James Brown - No Comments

Thought this was a pretty good infographic about CFML.  Developers might be shocked if they took a look at ColdFusion 10.  It isn’t the language/platform from the last time you looked at it… Check it out: Infographic: What You Didn’t Know About CFML via Ben Forta